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Dee Ray

"Before finding Mustard Seed Financial Coaching, my financial life felt out of control. I didn't have a clear understanding of where I stood and didn't want to know! Desiree walked me through the process to get real about the state of my mindset around money and create a plan that works! Working with Desiree, has transformed me into a person who takes bold action to create generational wealth for my family."

Diamond Nurse,


"We chose Desiree to host a financial wellness session for our company and we could not be more satisfied with her service. Her passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes Mustard Seed Financial Coaching a pleasure to work with. Desiree’s dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets her apart and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes."

Daisy Mittman,

Guidance Counselor

This has been an 8 years in the making and I am beyond ecstatic to have finally paid off my student loan debt, I'm grateful for the education and subsequent career it afforded me!  Shout Out to Desiree Mittman of Mustard Seed Financial Coaching for helping make this dream a reality!  With her help, I was able to make a plan and pay off the last $7,000 in less than 1 year!  If you're ready to get serious about eliminating your debt, making a realistic budget, and/or increasing your savings, hit her up ASAP!

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